Content Marketing, Popstars, Pinterest, and Music Videos

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If you follow Scalable on Instagram, or me anywhere, you know Ive developed a slight addiction to running. Its not the running so much as the feeling of accomplishment. And I need a good dose of distraction to keep me on the treadmill for three or four miles. I tried tv, music, music plus scenery and only ended up with motion sickness. Next stop YouTube and music videos.

Imagine Dragons Radioactive ScreenshotI started with a Mumford & Sons mix, which turned out to be a good choice. Some of the videos were just gorgeous and totally distracting. Perfect! Some of them still have me puzzled. For instance, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I cannot understand what the muppet beating up on stuffed animals has to do with anything unless they were going for a dog-fighting feel without the actual horror of it. No idea.


Some of the videos were fun, some predictable, and some were so beautiful that the music seemed just a nice addition. And a fair number of them were just plain weird and seemed to have nothing to do with the song.

Chicken or Egg?

While trying to think about anything but running, I wondered, do musicians always write their music and lyrics first, or do they sometimes think of a video concept and build a song around it? Is it possible to tell by looking at the videos themselves? I suspect not. I also suspect that some just hand their video production over, not really caring too much about that part. Because sometimes it really shows.

Pinterest and Content Which Comes First? A Novel Approach

Its no secret that we love Pinterest. Not just because its fun. Mainly its because it drives tremendous traffic and a huge number of leads for us and our clients. For some industries, might it make sense to plan your content creation AND curation around Pinterest?

Truth is, we do this. When youre in Pinterest on a regular basis, and you make good use of analytics, you can tell not only what kinds of images are popular, but also which topics, and more broadly, what Interests your followers have that might be able to work in to your content strategy. Have you looked at what other topics your Pinterest audience is into? Heres ours:

Now, I dont see that makeup or DIY home decor is particularly relevant to what we do. But, technology, quotes, and photography? For sure! So, it would likely be worth creating boards on those topics. Not only that, I might want to consider creating more content to capitalize on those interests. Could I review technology that makes a marketers job easier? How about inspiration or funny quotes? Could I find one that speaks to me and blog about it? What about photography? Could I write about better photography for todays visual media?

These topics would make great blog posts, but you can go even further. How about an ebook that outlines all the technology a marketer needs, including software and app options? Or, a bloggers guide to photography that works. Or, how about a slideshare presentation of inspirational quotes and their application to marketing?


For some industries, this is even easier. For one of our clients, a nutritionist, we almost always choose our content offers based on what is hot on Pinterest. Because we generate so much traffic and and so many leads from Pinterest it just makes sense. Blog posts, content offers and social strategies, all informed by Pinterest.

Does this seem backwards to you like creating a music video before writing the song? It may sound that way, but youd never know it to look at the content. Its still extremely useful and helpful content. It just so happens that we already know before we write it that it will be a big hit on Pinterest. And that makes us very happy marketers.

Content Marketing and Pinterest Make the Connection

Pop stars can get away with the disconnect. Im not going to change my playlist because a video is odd, seems to have nothing to do with the song, or seems to have involved no thought whatsoever. Pinterest followers expect more. Dont give us a disconnect. If your image and its description promise something, make sure the content delivers. Give it thought all the way through. Your content deserves the attention. Your Pinterest audience does, too.

Could this work for you? Id love to hear what you think of our video first, song later approach!