Find Low Competition High Volume Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword

The best keywords are those with many monthly searches (people want information on that keyword) and low competition (there aren’t many sources out there, so you have a better chance of being found when you use that keyword). The new Keyword Planner from Google can help you find them!

Google AdWords Keyword Planner recently replaced Googles Keyword Tool. A new feature is a keyword wizard tool that supplies keyword suggestions based upon your URL, your product or service or your business category. But, you may not want to start yourGoogle Keyword

To use Keyword Planner for your own keyword research,  set up a Google AdWords account and go to Tools and Analysis > Keyword Planner. Choose “Search for keyword and ad group ideas.” Enter your keyword in “Your product or service” and click “Get ideas.”

The new Keyword Planner defaults to “exact match” when entering key words and phrases. We found that one of our “Medical equipment” came up strong for the keyphrase “discount diabetic supplies”.  Put that key word in to the AdWord keyword planner and you get 800 results.  If you are new or a very small business, look for words with low or medium competition and a high number of local searches. The printscreen below shows some low competition keywords that might be worth shooting for.  And, look at “low blood sugar” with low competition and over 20,000 searches last month. Jackpot!  That one is going on the list!

Now search for keywords related to “low blood sugar symptoms.” Repeat until you have plenty of low/medium competition high search number keywords. Collect more than you think you’ll need. Theyll be very handy for blogging ideas later.Google Keyword 1

Do you use a different tool for keyword research? Please share with us! Need help getting started with keyword research? Download our free workbook now. It will take you from start to finish!