Manly Pinterest Tips – An Interview with Jeff Sieh


So, we all know that Pinterest is for women who like to pin shoes, wedding dresses, recipes and kid’s crafts, right? Well, yeah, that’s true – but it’s also great for men, and more of our fella friends are figuring that out – thanks in no small part to our Manly Pinterest Tips pal, Jeff Sieh.

Jeff and I connected over a “Pin of the day” when he featured a blog post of mine and we have kept in touch all over the interwebs since. He has a personality as big as his home state of Texas and I know you’re going to love him!

Tell me about Jeff Sieh. How did you get started in online marketing, and how did you end up as the “Manly Pinterest” guy?

“I stared my company in 2002 after I left a local design company. I created websites, commercials, corporate videos, CD-Roms, etc for many years before I started getting into social media. I started managing social media accounts for a couple of national clients and then finally decided to take my own advice and concentrate a lot of my effort on my own social media presence.

Manly Pinterest Tips came about after I wrote a post on Google+ called “Manly Pinterest Tips – Secret Boards For Your Daughter” I talked about how I created a secret board with my daughter on Pinterest where we could share things that were only between us. The post really resonated with people so I created a couple more “Manly Pinterest Tips” Then a friend said, “you need to do a show about this!” and the rest is history. “

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Below is one of my favorite Jeff Sieh videos. A perfect mix of lol-funny and actionable tips you can use, it also references fellow fella-pinner, Vincent Ng. Check it out:

When someone asks you, “Is Pinterest right for my business?” How do you come to an answer?

“I think people need to ask that question no matter what the social network is. Especially if you are a small business owner and are doing everything yourself. Of course I tell people that Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic if done correctly. Also one of the things that I like about Pinterest is that if you get the basics down and are willing to put some time into it, it’s really not that hard.

Also I think you have to enjoy Pinterest and what it is. No matter what social network you decided to spend your time on, if you hate working on it and participating in it, you are probably not going to succeed on that network.”

Why do YOU think US men haven’t really embraced Pinterest? What do you think Pinterest can do to encourage them? Will it work?

“It’s funny because men are supposed to be more visual. We like shiny objects, and Pinterest is full of them. I think the reason men don’t use Pinterest as much is that it’s still perceived as a women’s network here in the U.S. In European countries it seems that ratio is more even.

I think Pinterest is really trying to redouble their efforts in the U.S. to capture the male audience. It’s pretty oblivious from their recent promo videos that they are reaching out to male users. I think that Pinterest’s recent hire of David Rubin as Head Of Brand is a telling sign that they are directly targeting guys since he was responsible for all the Axe commercials and social media when he was at Unilever.”

Should businesses that are not your typical Pinterest-friendly businesses still use Pinterest? Why or why not? (I’m thinking accounting firms, employment agencies, engineers)

“I’m a big advocate of testing. Give it a shot and see if will work for your company, but make sure to measure the results. Some of those business types you mentioned will take some creativity on Pinterest. The good thing is that you probably won’t have a lot of competition and can really stand out if you’re creative. Try using humor, great images, and captivating titles. Mix it up a little, experiment, and test the results.

For example, take the accounting business… You could create an infographic on “Deductions You Thought Were Real But Could Send You To The Slammer” and then pin that to various boards on Pinterest. You might be surprised at the traffic you could drive to your website.”

Do you think Pinterest works well for marketing companies? Clearly we get a lot of followers, traffic, and leads, but do you think those are going to translate well into customers, or are we mainly attracting other marketers?

“I think that as the popularity of Pinterest grows, more and more small businesses will be coming on to see how to market successfully on Pinterest. I’ve really seen an uptick from leads who have seen my pins on Pinterest and want to know more.

As marketers, we need to be keenly aware that our audience is coming in at various levels. Some will be needed basic “getting started” advice, others will be needing more advanced training, such as promoted pins, etc. I think to be successful we need to be providing both kinds of content and pinning a mixture of that content accordingly.”

What follower-building tips do you give to someone who is just starting out on Pinterest for their business.

“The biggest tip is to be consistent. I touch Pinterest twice a day, everyday. Now, you don’t need to be on Pinterest everyday like me (it’s my job) but make a schedule and stick with it.


The other tip I give is to try to be social. If someone pins your content, try to thank them in the comments. That little human touch can reap some great networking opportunities. “

Tell me a little about the services your business offers.

“My Pinterest profile states: Creative brain for hire • Visual storyteller • Social media consultant • Speaker • Humorist – That pretty much sums it up. I love helping businesses succeed online.”

Is there anything else we should know about Jeff Sieh, the man, the myth, the legend?

“I would love people to come watch the Manly Pinterest Tips Show. You can signup to know when the next live show is at“

Oh, and here’s the Manly Pinterest Tips Show that I got to be on. It was super fun! If you have time for just two minutes, please watch the beginning. I play a rather sneaky little trick on our manly friend and his reaction is priceless.