How To Monetize Mobile Traffic Without Compromising Your SEO

  1. The question of the day is are your using some ways to monetize mobile traffic? I am asking this because these days mobile technology is experiencing rapid growth due to its portable nature and ease of use. Therefore, mobile traffic constitutes a major portion of your blogs over all traffic. As people are always on the move so this factor can also justify the increase in use of mobile devices to access internet.

Some studies prove that most blogs are receiving up to 50% traffic from portable devices like smartphone and tablets etc. I am sure you will be monetizing your blog at your best but not paying attention to your audience coming from mobile devices will cost you losing a huge portion of your online market.

lets get in to this untapped phase of portable market and hit a chance of making much more money with your blog. I know you will be thinking there are already a lot of Affiliate Marketing programs that offer a mobile monetizing model but problem with those programs is they hurt your SEO seriously.

Problem With Most Mobile Monetizing Platforms: You sign an account with these platforms, get a piece of code and inject into your blog, what happens next? Mobile traffic hits your blog and automatically redirected to a advertisers lading page where they need to carry out some action to finally reach a destination URL. Here the problem is search engines are now treating these redirects very seriously, hence your SEO gets compromised.

How To Monetize Mobile Traffic Without Hurting SEO

Now the real challenge is how to monetize your mobile traffic without risking your SEO? Here comes the Propeller Ads to help you make more money with your mobile audience without doing any harm to your search engine rankings. As Propeller Ads mobile monetize model is quite different from other available Ad platforms, So you can safely try this out.

Getting started with Propeller Ads..

Firstly visit and sign up a free account. Next add your site to their platform which needs to be approved. Usually the approval is very quick and almost every site gets approval. Once your site is approved at Propeller Ads, your next step will be to grab add code and add to your blog. Dont worry, its quite simple.

Just get into your propeller account and head on to Site from the left side menu. Here you will find your approved site, click on site and next click Add New Channel. This will open a new window as shown below;

In the above screenshot you can see several different ads sizes for monetizing your desktop traffic while there are two types of ads formats to monetize mobile traffic. Here you need to choose the mobile ad type and hit Next, then follow the on-screen instructions to get ad code which you will later paste on your blog.

How Propeller Mobile Advertising is SEO Friendly?

As I already told that Propeller ads provides you with two mobile ad formats, Now we will test these ad formats in terms of SEO friendliness.

  1. Mobile Dialog Ads: This type of advertising fits on any mobile device and pops up as notification. Its has buttons letting the visitors decide either to visit the advertiser or close the dialog. So, there is no auto redirect. Mobile Dialog Ads supports all mobile devices and works on any Mobile Operating systems.
  2. Mobile Interstitial: Our next Mobile Advertising unit from Propeller ads is Mobile Interstitial which is full-screen premium banner. This has two display options, horizontal and vertical depending on your portable devices display. The mobile ads format has an X button towards top left letting the visitors close the ad and continue to your blog. Again, there is no auto redirection.

Propeller Ads don’t hurt Your SEO Efforts!

A case study was carried out on two different sites to prove that Propeller mobile ads dont negatively affect your sites organic traffic and SEO. Both the sites under study were receiving a huge portion of their traffic from search engines. After closely monitoring these sites for 30 days it was clearly demonstrated that running Propeller mobile ads on a site or blog is safe.

How To Customize Ads Channels?
: You can also customize your mobile ads but this advanced feature from Propeller Ads is available on request. Its allows you to;

  1. Display the advertisement after N seconds spent by the user on the site
  2. Display the advertisement after N clicks by the user on the page
  3. Set the frequency to display the ads to a unique user
  4. Not spread the banner across the entire screen for mobile interstitial only

To get this advanced feature, contact your Propeller ads manager who will also guide you about more efficient use of mobile ads on your site.

Getting Paid/ Cash out Earnings

To cash out your earnings, Unlike most of the other platform you are not just restricted to PayPal. Propeller Ads is supporting wide range of payment options including Payoneer rapidly growing payment processor.

Final Thoughts!

All the above discussions clearly suggests that if you have a site with mobile traffic then you should give Propeller Ads a try. This is currently the best tool out there to monetize mobile traffic which is safe at the same time. Now, I would like to hear from you via comments below, do you have any experience with this platform?