Pinterest for Veterinarians Tips for Getting Started


Use Pinterest to capture the Aww factor and youre on your way to more website traffic and a thriving veterinary practice.

If youre just getting started, you might wonder how youll ever get beyond your first few followers to the point where people are finding your website and office because of the photos you share. We can help read on!

Getting People to Follow Your Pinterest Boards

Share adorable, pinnable images. Try to use images around 735px wide, because thats how large it will appear when expanded. If the image is too small, it might appear blurry (we pin images 500px wide with no problem). The height can be whatever you like, but the taller the better because longer images take up more room in the feed and are therefore harder to miss!

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Follow other Pinterest boards. Not only will this give you great material to repin, but they may return the favor and follow you! Repin images from their boards and comment on and favorite pins. This is often the best way to get the attention of other pinners with the aim of getting more followers. Just be natural about it no one likes a stalker! To find pinners to follow, enter a search term and click on Pinners. See image at right

follow some applicable group boards and favorite and comment on pins. You may find youll be invited to join and pin to the board as well. To find group boards, look at some popular pinners of animal-related images. NutriVet belongs to three large group boards. Group boards are indicated by the little grey icon of three people:

Finding Group Boards on Pinterest

Encourage Your Veterinary Practice Customers to Follow Your Pinterest Boards

Make it easy to find you on Pinterest. Put a link to your boards in your email messages and on your website. Let your customers know youre on Pinterest put your URL on invoices and put a Pinterest sticker on your door. Want one? Well send one to you for free. It even has room for you to add your Username.

Getting your customers to be personally involved will go a long way towards building loyalty and encouraging sharing, which leads us to

Fun Ideas to Encourage Engagement

Could you start a Brag Book board to showcase your patients? Order some inexpensive backdrops (our Pinterest specialist and photographer Tina likes Bubblegum Backdrops and Serendipity Backdrops) and set them up, preferably in the lobby where everyone can see. Get an inexpensive tripod and lighting setup (see the bargains I found) and leave it up, ready for photos all the time. If you dont have room to leave it up all the time, choose one day a month (maybe you have a low-cost vaccination clinic) and set it up on that day, even outside if necessary.

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Let your customer knows their photo will be on your Pinterest board and hand them a card (you can get them free at VistaPrint) with your Pinterest board URL on it. Make sure to share the pin on your other social accounts and embed your Brag Book board on your website.

Make sure you link the pin back to your website, so when your customer repins and others see it, theyll be able to get back to your site. Not sure how? Get our free Pinterest Ebook. It will walk you through everything!

Team Up with Local Businesses

As a local business, you need to keep much of your focus local. With that in mind, find businesses in your area who are using Pinterest. Follow their boards and interact with them. Then, create your own local board on which you can showcase your favorite local businesses. You could create separate boards for different categories of businesses as well. For instance, Restaurants in Toledo, Ohio might not seem very relevant to your veterinary practice, but your customers and your prospective customers DO eat out. Becoming an authority on all things local will bring more eyes to your boards and ultimately more people and pets to your practice.

How to Get People From Your Pinterest Boards to Your Website

Make sure you share fresh content from your website. When you blog (you are blogging, right?), always include a pinnable image (that is, a large image with a caption right in it) and share that to a Veterinary Blog or Pet Health Tips board and any applicable group boards youve joined. You should also make sure you include your verified website URL in your profile. Our Pinteret Ebook will show you how.

Make the Most of Your Pins with a Watermark

Images of pets have huge potential to become viral. Make sure you get the credit for your hard work by watermarking any images you create. It doesnt have to be huge or right across the middle of the photo. You dont want it to detract from the picture especially when its a photo of your customers pet. Most people wont bother to download an image and crop out a watermark, so putting it below the main image will probably suffice. When its shared far and wide, your practice name or website URL will be, too!

These are just a few of the many fun possibilities for veterinarians when it comes to Pinterest and social media in general! Next time, well look at some examples.