Pinterest Quick Tip: One Step to Better Pinning

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The other day on Pinterest, I saw an image with one of my favorite authors names on it. Yay! Something great to pin. Not recognizing the
pinner, I clicked on the image annnnd ended up on a spammy site with a cheesy video of a guy in a furry hat in his bedroom in his mothers house (I made that last part up). FOUL!! I reported the image as spam and told the author about it.

The thing is, the person who pinned the image with the bogus source might have repinned it, not even know that the pin didnt go to the correct article. He COULD be completely innocent. However, if he gets reported enough times, he will lose ability to pin, and may even lose his entire account. That brings us to the one step you arent taking that will make you a better pinner.

Check The Source

When we share articles on other social media platforms, usually weve at least skimmed them, checked them for quality, etc. On Pinterest, however, sometimes were just repinning something we want to come back to later, which means we dont always visit the website attached to the pin.

In theory, we should be able to repin any image we see with the knowledge that it is on the up and up, and links to the original source of the image, providing exactly the information promised on the pin and in the description.

In practice, there are some bad pinners out there who are bringing blackhat techniques to my favorite happy place. Using images that dont belong to them to link to their own content, using misleading images to get people to visit spammy or just unrelated sites its ugly.

So, what happens if you, my dear good-faith pinner, repins one of these? You are now part of the problem. You could get flagged for spam and even copyright infringement. Ouch.

Aside from spam, there are also a lot of infographics still circulating from about several years ago. Do you really want to share the latest stats which are actually completely outdated? Check the date on the post.

Be a Trusted Source

There are a few pinners who I trust to always check their sources. Its there articles I can pin for later without fear of sharing spam or worse. Those peoples pins get the bulk of my repins.

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It takes a few extra seconds to check the source, and it is a complete pain on mobile, but for my money, its worth the time to be a better Pinterest Citizen. Do I do it 100% of the time? I wish I could say so! Still, its a good habit to cultivate.

Do you check sources before pinning? Why or why not? I really want to know!