What is HubSpot?


HubSpot1There are several all-in-one marketing solutions on the market, each with its own set of features and loyal following. We use HubSpot to fuel our inbound marketing and it has worked great for us. Were also a VAR, partner and Im certified in Inbound Marketing and the software itself, so clearly, Ive been drinking the Kool-Aid. Still, Heres an overview of some of HubSpots key features. Want to see them in action? I was a guest on a HubSpot Features Google Hangout Friday, September 27th. Take a look!

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is all-in-one marketing software that helps companies convert website visitors into leads and nurture those leads into prospects. The theory behind it is simple, and is common to all inbound marketing give people what they want and need and they are more likely to become your loyal customers.

But What Does it DO?

Its not a set it and forget it program. No inbound marketing can be. What it is is a collection of tools that integrate very closely for a fantastic method of marketing your business and keeping a close eye on your progress. Here are a few of the key features:

Marketing Campaigns

Have a great ebook or whitepaper to share with the world? Dont just scatter your hard work to the wind. Set yourself up for success with content marketing follow-through using smart landing pages, forms and workflows.

Landing Pages

HubSpot 2Easily great-looking landing pages that convert. Not only great for marketing campaigns, effective landing pages can also enhance the results and return on your paid marketing.

Forms with Smart Fields

Collect the information you need and set up some extra smart fields that will ask auxilliary questions to returning visitors. Already have their business name, phone number and address? Tell the form to collect your biggest marketing challenge on the next visit and dont ask for the phone number and address again.


My favorite. Workflows allows you to trigger a certain action (for me, its usually sending an email) when a visitor completes any given form of engagement (usually a form submission). You can set up a series of highly targeted emails based upon the visitors expressed interest. Starting with more general information, you then funnel them in to a more middle of the funnel offer and end up with an end of the funnel offer like a coupon, free demo or trial.

See How the Campaign Performed

At a glance, you can see who downloaded your offer. Look at each contact to see how they found you, how many times theyve been back to the site, which emails they opened and even which website pages they visited.


Aside from making for great workflow steps, email campaigns can be used to target specific groups. Want to target only those visitors who have visited over 50 pages on your sited? You can do that, using lists. In fact, you can create lists based on any of the contact fields for super-targeted email campaigns.


Its all about the data and HubSpots reporting makes it easy to see and use. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sources Report

Wondering how many visits, leads and customers are coming from your social channels? Wonder no more! This handy graph-style report breaks it down by organic, referral, social media (down to the platform), email, direct and paid traffic. You can then easily see where your efforts are most productive. If something special is going on (like a guest post, webinar, speaking engagement or ad campaign), you can add a marketing action, then watch to see what impact it has on your results.HubSpot 3

Page Performance Reports

Quickly look at your most popular pages and see how your calls to action are performing and how many inbound links each has attracted. Worried that you might have some on-page SEO or other errors? HubSpot will alert you and help you fix them.

Competitor Reports

At a glance, see how you stack up against your competition even view their most recent blog posts. Watch how youve compared over time in areas such as linking domains, MozRank, number of social followers, etc. If someone is pulling ahead, youll know to keep an eye on them for ideas you can use, too.Social monitor allows you to view tweets by segmented contact lists (ie., people who downloaded the “Pinterest” ebook) and by keyword.

Social Media Tools


Pretty standard stuff. Publish to LinkedIn (personal or pages), Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately Google Plus is not yet available, nor is Pinterest. However, it is easy to schedule, and allow HubSpot to suggest times that, based on their research will work best for you. You can also easily see how many clicks each shared link garners. The other perk to using their publishing tool is that you get a weekly email showing you which updates have been most successful.

Monitoring Social Inbox

This is where HubSpots social tools shine. Here you can keep custom searches based on segmented contact lists, keyword mentions, or a combination of each. Right from the dashboard you can follow, reply, retweet, etc. to keep people engaged.


Signals is a new feature that works with Chrome to tell you the moment it happens: who opens email (and when), who returns to your site (and what theyre reading), and when your contacts interact with you on social media. This allows you to make contact when you are most top-of-mind with each potential customer.

COS Content Optimization System

COS is another new feature that allows landing pages, calls to action and entire web pages to be customized for individual visitor experience, and at the same time optimizing it for any platform desktop, mobile or tablet. How might customization work at the individual visitor level? Has the visitor already downloaded your Smarketing ebook? Instead of seeing that offer, theyll get something else that might interest them, something suited to someone a little closer to a buying decision. This brings lead nurturing to your website no longer limiting it to email campaigns.

Have any specific questions about HubSpot features, or our HubSpot experience? Please share below, or join me for that Google Hangout Friday afternoon!

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