Why Should I Do Keyword Research?


How did you find this article today? Unless you saw it on a social network, chances are, you entered a keyword search like, Why should I do keyword research? into Google. Youre in good company. Google estimates that last year, there were an average of five BILLION daily web searches on its search engine alone. How can you take advantage of at least a fraction of those searches to get people to YOUR website or social media profiles?

Keyword Research – Why it’s worth your timeYou need good quality content, you need to share it on social platforms, and you need to make sure you use the correct keywords when doing so. Rather than just guessing which keywords will work well for your business, take a couple of hours to make sure youre targeting the right ones. This will help you:Keyword 1

Increase the chances that your content will be found and indexed by Google and other search engines.
Make sure your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts will succeed.
Lets look at an example. Suppose you are selling shoes online and you want to figure out what you should blog about. You could guess that womens pumps is a popular subject with your potential customers. So, you start blogging about Trends in Womens Pumps this Fall. But you notice that not much traffic is coming in, and that that does isnt turning into sales for you. Had you done your keyword research, you would have realized that a better keyword to encourage sales might be, purchase womens tweed pumps. It seems simple, but without taking the time to do the work, you could be swinging at the air targeting people who dont want your content OR your products.

Heres another. Lets say you have a boutique gift shop. You guess that people are searching for your most popular item, an engraved business card holder by looking for engraved business card holder. Perhaps they arent. Maybe theyre looking for gifts for business owners. Do your keyword research and youll know for sure which term people are more likely to look for. Youll also know if you have any chance to rank highly for one or the other when you look at how much competition each has.

These low-competition, high search volume keywords are the low-hanging fruit of SEO. Take the time to find them and your online marketing efforts will go so much further!

Keyword 2Keyword Research How-To. Get your free workbook here.Rather than blindly striking the air with your content and your paid advertising, do your keyword research. Need some help? Grab our Keyword Research Workbook. It will walk you through seven steps to a great keyword list. Want someone to do it for you? We can help with that, too. Get your free assessment today.