Your Content Marketing Could Use Some Cheese Sauce


It is the rare child who begins their solid food adventures craving broccoli, despite the fact that its full of fiber, vitamins and even a good amount of protein all things our bodies SHOULD be crying out to consume. Truth is, we seek out what tastes good, no matter the impact on our health and waistlines.

PS Stock image providers I am suspicious of all your images of children looking overjoyed about broccoli. I believe these may have been staged. 🙂

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So, whats a concerned parent to do? Well, you can try sneaking broccoli in to omelets, casseroles, soups, or covering it in melted cheese a classic choice. Over time, youll likely be able to decrease the ratio of cover food to broccoli until your little ones love eating baby trees au naturale. Its about giving your kids what they want AND what they need. And sometimes it just takes a little parental subterfuge to get to both.

When Broccoli is Wrong for Content Marketing

For many companies, the content they create in their blog posts, social updates, webinars and ebooks is raw broccoli giving their prospective clients what they need. Thats a good thing, right? Were all told to be useful and well we should be. However, just as its the rare child who seeks out broccoli at dinner, its the rare individual who seeks out whats really good for him. Instead, we all look for what they think we need, what we want, or what confirms our current view of the world,ourselves, or our business.

Which means we need to give people just that.

Content Marketing Cheese Sauce

Have you seen skilled marketers publish blog posts or infographics such as When is the best time to post on social media? Is this because those smart people think there is one best time to publish, or they think their potential clients need to follow this one-size-fits-all formula? Nope. This, my friends, is content marketing cheese sauce.

Content designed to appeal (pander?) to what a companys potential customers think they need has a place on every blog. In many cases, that place is front and center. Sprinkled throughout, however, youll find tiny, nutritious bits of content broccoli designed to whet the appetite for the more healthful content the readers actually need. Those who follow the trail will eventually find themselves in a whole new content world one that challenges their notions of what is best for them. By the time theyre in this spot, theyre developing a taste for whats good for them, and the cheesy dish they once craved seems like content junk food.

So, as much as it might sting to have to write about the mundane, the passe, and basically anything that makes you feel like youre selling out, sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it with a smile. Slather on that orange cheese food product until they cant get enough.

How to use Content Marketing Cheese Sauce

But, I can hear you arguing already, There are nine billion articles with titles such as The Number One Way to Lose Weight. What could I possibly have to add? Nothing. You have nothing to add. But, the reason there are nine billion (I counted) articles like that is that people can. not. get. enough.


We (yes, I switched to we because, lets be honest) think that each link we click is going to have THE secret weve been missing all this time. It never will. The seemingly inevitable feeling of disappointment, however, is something YOU can help your readers avoid. Give us your number one way to lose weight (which weve read 100 times), but then acknowledge that this is nothing new and you understand our frustration. Then, lead us to a piece just a LITTLE more substantial. Always provide an opportunity to contact you someone who understands and who can help. Try to get readers to sign up for your email list or download something useful so that you can continue to build upon what your readers want (to lose weight) by giving what they need (education and support).

Next Steps

Review your current content library. Is it full of naked broccoli, yellowing and neglected? Could you spice up what you have with some olive oil? Throw some Parmesan on it? Or, maybe you need to create some new cheese soup with just a tiny bit of broccoli in it that leads to your good stuff. If your content marketing strategy could use some help, please share your challenges below, or just schedule a quick content review with me by calling 800.305.94201. Just leave your name, email, URL and biggest marketing challenge and Ill get back to you with a recipe suggestion. Anyone hungry yet? Pass it on.

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